Type of ridge tiles

There are lots of different types of ridge tiles available. This article features some of the many types of ridge tiles available and shows the range of fittings and styles there are. Ridge tiles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit narrow roof pitches and wide roof pitches

Angled ridge tile Cocks comb ridge tile Half round ridge tile
angled ridge tile cocks comb ridge tile half round ridge tile
 Hogsback ridge tile  Interlocking ridge tile  Diamond crest ridge tile
 Hogsback  interlocking ridge tile  ridge tile diamond double crest
 Club crest ridge tile  Hole crest ridge tile  Roll top ridge tile
ridge tile double club crest ridge tile double hole crest rolltop ridge tile
Straight top ridge tile Vented ridge tile  
straight ridge tile vented ridge tile  
Dry ridge tile fixing system

Dry ridge tile fixing system features:

- Malrey Eternit dry ridge tile fixing can now be used with all of the roof tile and slate profiles plus it will also work with other manufacturers products
- It is quicker to install than traditional methods and is arguably less maintenance
- The dry fix system is discreet and still has a decorative finish
- Ridge tiles can be fixed using the system in any weather
- It will also work for standard ridge tiles
- It provides 5mm of ventialation along the ridge tile


Crested ridge tiles
Marley do a range of crested ridge tiles. The crested ridges include a 4 hole ridge, 3 hole ridge, a cockscomb ridge tile and a fleur de lys:

Marley_4_hole_bullnose Marley_Three_hole_crested_ridge

Marley_Cocks_comb Marley_Fleur-de-lys
Marley ridge tiles

Here is a small selection of different Marley ridge tiles from their roofing range. The ridge tiles include fancy decorative ridge tiles, clay ridge tiles and concrete ridge tile fittings and accessories:

- A baby ridge and a hogs back ridge

Marley_Baby_ridge Marley_Hogs_back_ridge

- A roll top ridge tile and a modern block end ridge tile
Marley_Marley_Roll_top_ridge Marley_Modern_block_end_ridge