Ridge tiles
Interlocking ridge tiles

Interlocking ridge tiles give a nice neat finish to the ridge line. Interlocking ridges typically overlap each other and you have a male and female fitting section that allows them to interlock with one another

With this type of ridge tile you don't see so much of the mortar joints as you do with typical plain ridge tiles where they are secured to each other. This makes for neat and secure joints along the ridge line and also the ridge tiles and interlocking sections offer some resistance against the elements

Interlocking tiles are fitted in place and bedded in with mortar and they do also feature in dry ridge fitting systems. Interlocking ridge tiles come in all different colours, fittings and sizes

The picture below shows an example of some reclaimed interlocking ridge tiles:

Interlocking ridge tiles

Sandstone ridge tiles

Sandstone ridge tiles are often reclaimed from old buildings and have plenty of weathering detail, moss and lychen

The base colour tends to be yellow\grey but they actually can go green depending on the amount of exposure to the elements. Some of the old varieties of sandstone ridge tiles can be as old as 300 years plus

The example below was removed from an old school which was built in the 18th century. As you can see they are well aged and feature the moss, lychen and weathering detail described above. These particular sandstone ridge tiles have a mixture of green, white and grey moss and have chips over them giving them a really rustic and weathered look

Sandstone Ridge Tiles

Grey ridge tiles roll top

The grey ridge tiles below are the popular roll top variety. As you can see the ridge tile is an angled variety and at the top you have a hollow hole with a tube like appearance that runs from one side to the other to give them a nice decorative finish. The ridge tile angle is approx 105 degrees and will suit roofs that are wider than a 90 degree roof pitch

The picture shows a selection of well weathered reclamied roll top ridge tiles and they each feature weathering detail, moss, chips and lychen as you would expect. It is typical practice for mortar to seal the open circular holes in the roll top ridge to keep out the elements and form a firm mortar seal with the adjoining ridge tile

Grey ridge tiles roll top

Ventilated ridge tiles

Ventilated ridge tiles are a useful addition to the roof. The example shown is some antique Victorian crown style reclaimed ventilated ridge tiles which are perfect for a restoration job or to add a nice architectural feature in the garden

The maker of these ones is Joseph Place & Sons Ltd and the ridge tile is an angled tile approx 110 degrees. They are quite striking to look at and examples such as this cost upwards of £30.00 each to purchase if you can locate them in a reclamation yard

Ventilated ridge tiles

Slate ridge tile

If you need some ridge tiles to finish off a slate roof there are a lot of options to go for. Some roofs feature ridge tiles that are terracotta in colour. The terracotta ridge tiles give a nice decorative edge to the roof and give a nice contrasting finish

reclaimed slate ridge tiles

Some roofs also feature black, slate grey or anthracite coloured ridge tiles on the roof so that they match in well with the slate roof. A really common type of ridge tile you can find on slate roofs is a roll top ridge tile and a typical example is a staffordshire blue roll top ridge

The staffordshire roll top ridges are often a very dark blue/black colour depending on the weathering detail. Another idea for slate roofs is having colour match ridge tiles which start off as close to the base colour as the slates as possible. The colour matched ridge tiles can be further honed to the colour by brushing or spraying on some water based exterior paint which has been thinned down with water to achieve a weathered look or a hue

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