Slate ridge tile

If you need some ridge tiles to finish off a slate roof there are a lot of options to go for. Some roofs feature ridge tiles that are terracotta in colour. The terracotta ridge tiles give a nice decorative edge to the roof and give a nice contrasting finish

reclaimed slate ridge tiles

Some roofs also feature black, slate grey or anthracite coloured ridge tiles on the roof so that they match in well with the slate roof. A really common type of ridge tile you can find on slate roofs is a roll top ridge tile and a typical example is a staffordshire blue roll top ridge

The staffordshire roll top ridges are often a very dark blue/black colour depending on the weathering detail. Another idea for slate roofs is having colour match ridge tiles which start off as close to the base colour as the slates as possible. The colour matched ridge tiles can be further honed to the colour by brushing or spraying on some water based exterior paint which has been thinned down with water to achieve a weathered look or a hue