Welsh roof slates

Slates comes in all different shapes and sizes and among the most popular are welsh roof slates

Welsh slates

Welsh roof slates have a range of colours including grey, purple, green and so on. Roof slates have some typical standard sizes and have their own affectionate names for each size

See the below table for a list of roof slate sizes ranging from smallest to largest:

Name Size
Singles 10" x 5"
Doubles 12" x 6"
Small Header 13" x 10"
Header 14" x 10"
Wide Header 14" x 12"
Narrow Lady 14" x 7"
Small Lady 14" x 8"
Wide Lady 16" x 10"
Lady 16" x 8"
Broad Lady 16" x 9"
Small Countess 18" x 10"
Viscountess 18" x 9"
Countess 20" x 10"
Broad Countess 20" x 12"
Marchioness 22" x 11"
Small Duchess 22" x 12"
Duchess 24" x 12"
Princess 24" x 14"
Empress 26" x 16"

Reclamation yards tend to carry good stocks of reclaimed Welsh slates and normally there are lots of different sizes to choose from including most of the above varieties and sizes

Roofing slates on palletstack welsh slates

Once you have got some slates for perhaps for a repair job or a brand new install it is handy to have the right tools. For removing broken slates from the roof and replacing them a slate ripper (slasher) tool comes in very handy. The slate ripper features at one end an upright return near the handle which allows for easy hammering and at the other end it has a sharp section and a notch each side. If there is a stubborn nail and the tool is position with the sharp edge toward the nail a hammer blow upwards will either cut through the nail, bend the nail or remove it altogether from the roof batten (chopping). For pulling out a nail note each side there is a notch, carefully position the tool around the nail and use hammer blows downward to pull out or cut off the nail

Picture below shows the slate ripper

Slate ripping tool

More info to come on other tools such as the slate cutter and galvanised, copper and alumninuim clout slate nails