Help new ridge tiles are a bright orange colour!

If the roof features some weathered ridge tiles and has at some point had some brand new replacement ridge tiles you may find that the new ones stick out like a sore thumb

The ridge tiles should naturally weather because moss and lychen will grow on the ridge tiles over time the same as the rest of the roof but it could take a number of years. What to do if you don't want to wait that long?:

If the ridge tile(s) are accessible you could try brushing some natural yoghurt on them and you will find that they will take on a weathered appearance much more quickly!

What about if the colour is completely different?:

You could try buying some external water based paint. Take your water based paint and thin it down with some water and paint on a test block or a spare roof or ridge tile a thin layer and allow to dry. If you have a black external paint you will notice that the tile is a lot darker after painting it. You can build up several layers to darken or even experiment with different colours to achieve the desired effect and can of course apply the natural yoghurt as above to also give it a weathered finish

Test it out on a spare tile or ridge first to see if it achieves the desired effect!

It is a common practice used to age stone/concrete quickly without having to wait for natural weathering